IRS Sample Letter 2

Abating Late File Penalty

IRS sample letter 2 provides a letter request to abate late file penalty. See other templates for penalty abatements. Check us out with google ad sponsors.

Penalty debt settlement reduction can be approved when no other violations are noted in history. And, in some cases, root cause can have mitigating effect for approving a write off.

Below is a generic letter template for requesting abatement of late filing penalty:

Your letterhead name, address and phone number


Internal Revenue Service
Attn: Assigned agent or Compliance unit
Location address

Re: Request to Abate Late File Penalty
Name & SSN or tax id number
Type of tax and period(s)

Dear Sir/Madam:

This letter requests abatement of late file penalty for tax period(s) referenced above. I have no history filing late and paying late and I [paid the tax principal] or [I have an approved agreement to pay the tax, copy enclosed].

The reason for filing late is due to [fire in home or office destroyed records] [victim of criminal activity] [victim of natural disaster] [ill and hospitalized] during the taxable period. Enclosed is a copy of related documents.

This resulted in disrupting ordinary and prudent care for my [personal] [business] financial affairs. For this reason, I filed an untimely tax return.

If I can provide additional information, please call on me.

Your name


Pose a tax question about abating penalties.

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