IRS Sample Letter 3

Applying For Hardship

With no available funds, irs sample letter 3 communicates a request for hardship relief and temporary tax write off.

A hardship letter is essentially a pauper statement reflecting on income and necessary living expenses considered tax deduction having priority over tax.

The sample letter below is generically formatted to communicate a request for hardship relief:

Your letterhead name & address & phone number:


Internal Revenue Service
Attn: Agent name or Collection Compliance unit
Location address

RE: Application For Hardship Relief
Name & SSN or tax id number
Type of Tax & Period(s)

Dear Sir/Madam:

This follows your demand notice for payment. I am unable to pay the tax I owe.

During tax period(s) referenced above, I was self-employed. I failed in business. I am in serious debt. Enclosed are,

  • Copy latest irs notice
  • Form 433-A
  • Copy of latest W-4 filed with my employer
  • Copy last 3 months wage pay stubs
  • Copy last 3 months bank statements
  • Copy last 3 months utility bills, and
  • Copy latest filed return.

Currently, I work for wages. I have [#] children. My earnings barely meet living expenses. My assets are minimal and mortgaged. I have no disposable income. I seek to avoid potential Levy. I realize a tax lien may be filed and you can trap my refunds. I ask for consideration and plead for a hardship.



Pose a tax question about communicating a hardship.

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