IRS Sample Letter

Abate Accuracy Related Penalty

IRS sample letter 4 will request abatement of accuracy related penalty.

Accuracy has much to do with rates used to claim deductions and to compute the tax. Check us out with google ad sponsors.

Accuracy penalty is not automatically assessed and requires notice. Penalty rate is stiff; the amount is based on tax deficiency following examination. The sample letter below is generically formatted for tax debt settlement:

Your letterhead name, address & phone number


Internal Revenue Service
Attn: Agent name or Compliance unit
Location Address

Re: Request to allow tax deduction
and abate Accuracy penalty
Name & SSN or federal tax id number
1040 2006

Dear ____________:

This responds to your notice of deficiency, copy enclosed.

You disallow tax deduction for depreciation expense and propose to assess accuracy penalty. Enclosed is a schedule of equipment purchases in my business. Also enclosed is a copy of your initial request for a depreciation schedule. I was [out of the country] [in jail] [in the hospital] [in natural disaster area] during your examination period and, for this reason, I was unable to respond timely with regard to your audit inquiry.

Please allow section 179 and bonus depreciation as adjustments to my taxable income. Also, please waive related accuracy penalty you are proposing. If I can provide additional information, please call on me.

Your name


Pose a tax question about accuracy related penalties.

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